• La Tana dell'Istrice
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  • Civitella d'Agliano at sunset
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La Tana dell'Istrice

A renaissance manor house built on medieval foundations, La Tana dell'Istrice (the name means “the porcupine's lair”), was once the Mottura family home, now transformed into a welcoming “agriturismo”.

The building looks out onto the peaceful square and medieval watchtower at the heart of Civitella d'Agliano, a small rural town halfway between Orvieto and Viterbo. Here guests can enjoy the serenity of an agricultural village surrounded by the verdant fields and vineyards typical of central Italy, little more than an hour from both Rome and Florence.

Elegant and peaceful, La Tana dell'Istrice is ideal not just for wine-lovers but also for family holidays or for small groups of friends, and children are always welcome.

Meals at La Tana dell'Istrice are always accompanied by Sergio Mottura's wines and are shared with the owners, who are delighted to offer tips and guidance for guests who want to explore not just the local area but also the rich heritage of our local traditions. If food is your passion you can watch our cooks at work and even take a hand in preparing some of our traditional dishes.

And fine wine is, naturally, at the heart of any holiday at La Tana dell'Istrice. Guests are welcome to tour the Mottura estate and see the grapes being harvested in Autumn, olives picked and pressed in early winter, or wander through the vineyards in springtime and summer tasting the fruit directly from the vine. Then, back at La Tana, our wide range of award-winning wines awaits tasting, along with extra virgin olive oil, jams, juice and jellies – all produced on the estate and, like our wines, all rigorously organic.

At the end of a day spent exploring the beauties of central Italy's towns and countryside, guests can relax in the piazza, enjoying the warm evening air and sipping a glass of good wine under the shady canopy of our private wine bar “Osteria dell'Istrice”.