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The Mottura estate is nestled between the clay hills and the Calanchi Valley of Tuscia to the west and the fertile plains of the Tiber – that border with Umbria – to the east. On 120 hectares of land, our family works as custodian of a heritage of biodiversity and profound winemaking tradition. Here the art of viticulture merges with science and passion, giving life to white wines with a great identity, history and character: the golden and enveloping complexity of Grechetto, resulting from the selection of the family’s centuries-old vines, the fresh and vibrant depths of Procanico and the refined Chardonnay, produced with the company’s historical classic method. Our wish is that every sip of our wines will take you on a journey through the richness and authenticity of the terroir.

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Identity, Quality, Culture


Our idea of great wine is white


Making wine is an art that combines knowledge, sensitivity and deep respect for the terroir


Our work is an act of love and dedication that shapes the land


We are constantly looking for the perfect balance


“There is a white heart that beats strongly in the center of Italy: Sergio Mottura, undisputed master of Grechetto.”

by Joseph Bastianich ``Grandi Vini: An Opinionated Tour of Italy's 89 Finest Wines``, ed. 2010
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