The majestic and silent medieval village of Civitella d’Agliano stands among the green hills of Alta Tuscia. It is here at “La Tana dell’Istrice”, in its historic center, that almost a century of winemaking dedication – that marks the history of the Mottura family – will be unveiled. A sensorial journey awaits you, offering you the opportunity to explore the ancient cellar carved into tuff and to savor the essence of six distinctive wines, that represent the excellence and passion that characterize the family’s production.

The experience includes a curated wine-tasting, during which you can immerse yourself in the complex and enveloping notes of the Spumante Brut nature “Sergio Mottura”, the refined Orvieto “Tragugnano”, the Grechetto “Poggio della Costa” and “La Torre a Civitella”, of the “Civitella Rosso” and Montepulciano “Nenfro”: each wine will tell you a unique story, inextricably linked to the territory and local traditions. In order to enhance every sip, homemade white pizza (similar to focaccia) will be served during the tasting.

Wine-tastings are available every day from Monday to Saturday, with the exception of Sundays and public holidays. The experience lasts for about two hours and it costs €25.00 per person. Mandatory booking, at least two days in advance.

To book your experience you can contact us via email at or call +39 0761 914533.

Directions: To reach the winery by car you will have to drive through an arch in a narrow, uphill curve that gives access to the historic center of the town. Place the left wheel on the stone track and follow it making a wide bend, in first gear and with the air conditioning turned off. Our parking is in front of the entrance to the wine cellar. Should you prefer not to drive through the arch, you can park your vehicle in Piazza Cardinale Dolci – Civitella d’Agliano (VT). This parking area is about 400 meters away from the wine cellar.

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